• It is free for any use (private and commercial)
  • Enterprise proven technologies
  • Easy to use Graphical User Interface (GUI) for setup and administration
  • Real High Availability (HA)
  • Independent of hardware and hypervisor
  • Accelerate your existing storage
  • Use local storage of Hypervisors
  • Zero-cost snapshots for asynchronous replication to another location
  • It is not an one-way solution, you may migrate to any other solution that is based on ZFS



Planned new features

Autorefresh, Autoconnect and Autosave instead of current manual way
Changelog Version 2.3.6
Multi-User Support

Support for parallel GUI access towards the Storage Layer


Show Live and historical Performance metrics graphical and support for email-alerting (currently available through command line)


Snapshot Management through GUI (currently available through command line)

CIFS Support

Support for CIFS-protocol at dataset level with full HA capability


Extend LAGG by a Link-Checker (similar to the current PathChecker) to compensate the proprietary implementation of several NIC drivers

SR-IOV Support

Support for SR-IOV within the GUI (currently available through command line)

Hypervisor Extension

Extend Maintenance mode to support dependency groups (e.g. Hypervisor, Pool/Cluster or Datacenter)

Hypervisor Integration

Hypervisor integration with support of PCI-Passthrough and SR-IOV through GUI (currently available through command line)

Auto-Repair Support

Support for Auto-Repair (repair for failed nodes, spare nodes)


RawDR Setup

Create a new node item
Grinder, Reaper, Inspector
Create Reaper Disk and select iSCSI multipath networks
Create SyncMemory on Inspector
Create new ZPool, select Reaper Disks, and new LAGG network
Create Dataset within ZPool to activate NFS

RawDR Management



RawDR Storage Layer

RawDR Storage Layer (RSL)

RawDR Network Layer

RawDR Network Layer

RawDR Hyperconverged Layered

RawDR Hyper-converged Layered

RawDR Accelerator Layered

RawDR Accelerator Layered

RawDR Hyperconverged Direct

RawDR Hyper-converged Direct

RawDR Accelerator Direct

RawDR Accelerator Direct