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RawDR Toolbox

  • NEW: Support for VMware LSI Logic Parallel SCSI Adapter
  • Fixed Zpool Status "Resilvering" after changed behavior in FreeBSD 11.2 ("resilver" status of vdev no longer exists)
  • Autorefresh status of reaper implemented
  • Improved parallel processing of node updates
  • Fixed an issue with wrong options when RightClick was triggered while autorefresh of the GUI was in progress


  • NEW Feature: Auto-Actions implemented (Autorefresh, Autosave, Autoconnect)
  • Recognize Multi-Usage and newer config file within RawDR Storage Layer
  • CacheDisks have a Status (e.g. after Failover CacheDisks of old Grinder are obsolete)
  • Already labeled Reaper Disks are recognized
  • "Create Zpool" InputChecks implemented
  • Zpool can run on normal interface (no need to setup LAGG anymore)
  • Management Interface can be selected individually and MTU can be set (important for Hetzner vSwitch with MTU 1400)
  • Warning if Zpool should be started while not all Grinders are connected

RawDR Appliance

  • Updates to FreeBSD 11.2 Patchlevel 1 and 2
  • PAM Authentication deactivated
  • Prepared for Jails
  • Implemented ZFS Patch D7538 for FreeBSD style kernel space calculation to resolve problematic memory management by Illumos needfree assumption (thanks to Phabricator and