RawDR is an acronym for "Redundant array of wasted Disk Resources". RawDR is a free enterprise solution for setting up a high available (HA) software defined storage on top of FreeBSD and OpenZFS.

RawDR consists of a GUI, Control Daemons and virtual appliances for common hypervisors. It is the easiest way to master the most reliable technologies for storage without the need to ever login to a shell. It is comparable to VMWare's VSAN while RawDR doesn't have the requirement of using All-Flash and is also doing well even with local HDD Raid5. RawDR can be used with any Hypervisor like Citrix XenServer, VMWare vSphere and KVM.

Finally, you will get an enterprise-ready NFS-Solution (CIFS coming soon) built of cheap local disk resources. This helps you to either build a Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) or to accelerate and offload your existing SAN/NAS infrastructure.

RawDR is an allrounder, it can speed up your SAN or NAS, it can make your shared or local storage high available, scalable, reliable and fast. And this all FOR FREE.

Enjoy it.